A Little About Us

Who We Are

We are a group of highly trained, experienced professionals who understand the need to have precious metals and other hard assets in an investment portfolio.

Our physical retail location allows us to buy and sell precious metals and other hard assets (from and to our local community as well as customers nationally) close to spot price (or below) which gives us room to procreate a profit.

Our Standards

It’s a proven fact, that in any industry, using the best ingredients is always the most effective way to have a successful outcome – We at Global Mining & Mint subscribe to that same theory.

That’s why we only employ top experienced professionals, we use only the highest-grade metal and choose the most trusted and proven hallmarks and affiliates in the industry.

We do this to ensure not only our success, but yours as well.

Why Choose Us?

Global Mining & Mint is backed by some of the largest coin and bullion dealers in the industry.

Kevin Harris has for 30 years, been a pioneer in the coin and bullion marketplace. He has designed and created many worldwide distributed coins, many of which, are still in circulation today.

Mr. Harris has also led teams of professionals, created outstanding alliances and has cultivated key relationships in the precious metals community. It is our mission and ultimate goal to put our experience to work for you!

We hope to assist you in protecting your wealth with a hard asset that has been the core of the financial system for thousands of years. Global Mining & Mint believes that an educated consumer is our best customer.

We always put your goals ahead of ours and work closely with you to help accomplish your short term and long term goals.

We feel that everyone should understand the importance of portable global wealth, a steady income and liquid assets – especially in today’s uncertain financial times.

We’d like the opportunity to help educate you about how critical it is to use precious metals as a hedge for the financial turmoil that may be just ahead.